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    Exercise is therefore very important, Paulina explains. “If you don’t work the machine, if you don’t tone the parts and do your best to stay firm and flexible, you aren’t just hurting yourself right now,” she says. “If you let yourself go right now, men’s interest in you is going to fade. There’s this whole stupid movement right now that says women are ‘beautiful at any size,’ as if you can just force men to think an overweight woman is attractive because you say so. You can’t. Men like what they like, and what they like are healthy women who take care of their bodies. I don’t care how politically correct you try to make being fat. It’s always going to be that way.”

    “I love to exercise,” Paulina goes on. “I love to work the machine that is my body. I especially like going to the gym wearing as little as possible. I’ve been thrown out of gyms before because what I was wearing was too distracting. So I like to push things. When I’m working out, pushing that envelope, sweating and looking good, I know that men are watching. I get that some of them are coming up with excuses to get closer to me, to get an eye full.< When I’m working on a bench or machine and there are men getting closer and closer, using the surrounding equipment, I know some of them are doing it, so they can get a good look. That doesn’t bother me. In fact, it’s flattering. It makes me happy because I know I’m doing something right. I look good enough that it makes them happy just to be able to see me.”

    Her journal is where Paulina records all of her adventures like this, and she holds back nothing but the names. “I’m going to be able to look back on this record of what it was like when I was at my wildest and sexist,” she explains. “This is like the recording of my memories. I want them to be juicy and hot. I want to be able to smile as I recall them. This journal is like an investment in my future, an investment that helps me keep track of my past.”


    Availability: Evenings

    Age: 28

    Location: Outcall Only

    Nationality: Portuguese

    Languages spoke: English, Spanish, Portuguese

    Hair color: Brunette

    Eye color: Hazel

    Height: 5’9″